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Flatirons Fuse is an embeddable CSV import tool that makes importing data to your website fast, easy, and painless.
The Last Spreadsheet Importer
You’ll Ever Need.
Your Customer’s Data
Let your customers import their own data or do it on their behalf.
Beautifully Validated
Auto-adjust and correct customer data to match your own schema.
Imported like Magic
Don’t worry about messy errors, our powerful validation system has you covered.
for you
Save your developers
and your company
Building a CSV import tool for your customers is costly and time consuming. With Flatirons Fuse you can refocus your development efforts where it counts for your business.
With just a few lines of code, your customers can start importing their data in minutes.
for your customers
for your customers
Provide a better
Importing data can be a frustrating, confusing process. You work hard to deliver a beautiful, user-friendly product to your customers -- now bring that same experience into data onboarding.
With AI-powered column matching, frontend data validation and cleaning, and backend data validation support, importing data into your system will be fast, easy, and painless.
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AI-Powered Column
Imported data automatically maps to your columns using our smart matching technology.